Carter S-10 Pedal Steel, Red Birdseye Laminate

This was posted on the Steel Guitar Forum by Corey T. Herbert:


My name is Corey T. Herbert. Unfortunately I had my steel stolen (among a bunch of other things) from my home in Euless, TX (near Dallas) on 12/14/12. I have reported it stolen in the police report for the burglary incident.

Steel Guitar details:

Carter S-10, 4 Pedals, 5 Knee Levers,

Red Birdseye Laminate, Serial number 01233314-10

I believe this type of guitar would eventually end up in the hands of a steel guitar player. Therefore I am making efforts to bring awareness to my stolen steel in hopes that it would increase the chances of me getting it back.

I have been checking pawn shops in my local area and in Dallas. I have also been checking Craig’s list and Ebay. I have gotten the word out to the Texas Steel Guitar Association, Steel Guitars of Canada (where it was purchased), and to the local Guitar Center stores.

I believe it is also a good possibility it could be sold to a music store (other than Guitar Center). If anyone knows of a music store in the Dallas or Ft. Worth area where my steel could potentially turn up please let me know.

Please feel free to spread the word if you have any DFW contacts. Also, if you have any other suggestions that would help me get the word out or know anything else I can do to recover my steel please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Corey T. Herbert

If you are a Steel Guitar Forum member, you can contact Corey via the forum link above.  Otherwise, contact me and I’ll forward the message to him.  Let’s find this stolen instrument!

UPDATE Jan 13, 2013.

Today I received the following email from Corey:

Thanks to a post on the Forum my guitar was found.  I won’t physically get it back until it goes through the police process but it has been “recovered”.

Thanks so much!